Friday, August 18, 2006

Nighthawk - what a beauty!

Citizen Nighthawk

I saw this Citizen Nighthawk for the first time a few nights ago. I was so captivated by it's beauty. Usually I don't like complex dials but this one totally got to me. I later found out there are actually quite a number of variants. There is the black dial (like pictured below), black dial with white rim, and brown dial. Here is the spec of this watch:

Movement: B877
Power reserve: 180 Days on full charge
Case: PVD coated stainless steel
Case Back: Screw-down type.
Diameter: 42.5mm / 12.5mm
Crown: Screw-down (signed)
Crystal: anti-glare mineral crystal
Water Resistance: 200meter/660feet

The B877 is an in-house movement. It is powered by solar energy (Citizen Eco-drive technology). On a full charge, it can run for 180 days. The watch can be charge under most lighting - office light, outdoor natural light, desk lamp, etc.

It also supports a second timezone. The second timezone (24hour hand) can be adjusted independently. The hour hand (12hour hand) can be adjusted independently - adjust directly the hour hand and NOT the minute hand. This is useful when crossing timezone. One needs to adjust only the 12hour hand to the local time. This is much better than the Ronda 515.24H quartz movement used in the Victorinox Infantry 2nd Time Zone watch where the 12hour hand cannot be adjusted on its own (must adjust the minute hand to adjust the hour hand).

The PVD coated version of Nighthawk with bracelet (also PVD) costs about USD100 more than the Victorinox Infantry 2nd Time Zone (leather strap). The built of the Nighthawk surpasses that of the Victorinox. It is also PVD coated (there is also a stainless steel version, and titanium version). Its built feels on par with watches costing much more than its price.

It even comes with an inner rotating bezel with the E6B pilots scale. This scale allows calculations like the time to cover a certain distance if the plane is travelling at a certain speed (knot). The fuel consumption given the amount it takes to cover a certain distance and total distance. It can also be used for fraction multiply and division. For all the possible calculations, please read the 'Setting Manual' for this watch on the

I noticed this difference between the actual watch that I saw and handled as compared to the one on the official Website (and also on ebay). The difference is the 'NIGHTHAWK' word on the dial and the lack of it on the watch that I saw (also some on ebay). I wonder if this is because there is restriction for using the name 'NIGHTHAWK' in certain countries. I will update this entry when I know more.

Update: The version with 'NIGHTHAWK' on dial is for United States and European countries. The version without is for the rest of the world. Other than this, there should be no difference between the two.

Citizen Nighthawk - Variants
Nice article about the Citizen Eco-drive movement []

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mauroz custom, tactical services said...

Hi, the watch with the "Nighthawk" text is for U.S. only, and the U.S. only watches have also a poor laser caseback. In the Europe and Asia versions the "Nighthawk" is missing, but the caseback is a really cool engraved one. There is also some differences in the lume, I can't just rememeber.